Dispatch From Under the Desk

Dispatch From Under the Desk June 26, 2007

My office has a back door. Whoever designed it that way, I want to publicly and officially say thanks. Since yesterday I’ve been sneaking in and out the back door in an effort to stay out of the chaos.

American Baptists have taken over the building and are using all our space for their Executive Board meeting this week. There are Baptists all over the building. They are meeting for hours and hours in every conceivable nook and cranny of the church building. The lobby of the church office has been repurposed as Baptist Command Central and it looks, I kid you not, like the air traffic control scenes in the movie Airplane!.

I’m hiding under my desk trying my best to stay out of the way, then quietly slipping out the back door. Stay tuned to see if my strategy works . . . .

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