Holy Mayhem

Holy Mayhem March 19, 2008

It has begun.

Holy Week, you see, never seems very holy to me. At least not holy in the “sit quietly and contemplate the presence of God” kind of holy.

What I mean is, while I usually do exclaim “Oh Holy God!” a lot this week of the year, it is (I’m sorry to say) usually not in the context of thoughtful worship.

There’s just too much going on this week. Services to plan, meals to prepare, meetings to attend, little details to remember (DON’T FORGET THE GRAPE JUICE!) . . . it’s only Wednesday and it already feels less like Holy Week and more like Holy Mayhem.

My greatest hope as a professional church person is that people, especially people who don’t usually come to crosschurch, would have a meaningful encounter with God-would find just a few moments here and there to think, really think, about God with us, and with us in the hardest moments of life.  I hope that happens for them.

And I hope it happens somehow for all of the rest of us, too, the busy ones who God calls to step out of the mayhem and remember why we do what we do in the first place.

May it be so, this week and the many other weeks of mayhem that fill our lives.

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