APB July 14, 2008

Here at Calvary we are looking for a part-time staff member to work with our youth.  The job is 15 hours a week, Wednesdays and Sundays, and could begin anytime.  We’ve been searching for about a month with no luck, so I am using the power of the blog to ask for help.

I’m very happy to talk with anyone interested in discussing the details of the position, so if you are or if you know someone who is, please pass the word along and email me a resume.  The details of the position are flexible–my aim is to find just the right person.  Here’s my wish list:

  • Someone who believes in the transforming power of the Gospel and is not afraid to say it.
  • Someone committed to the reinvention of the institutional church.
  • Someone who loves kids–all stripes.
  • Someone not afraid of different perspectives, opinions, beliefs.
  • Someone who is over the trauma of having a woman pastor.
  • Someone who cares enough to show initiative, to work independently, and to demonstrate excellent professional standards.
  • Someone committed to working on a collegial team.

Help me, friends!

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