Be the Change

Be the Change September 19, 2008

We tried an experiment this summer: easing into Wednesday night worship.  It’s a big deal to start a new worship service, I kept thinking.  Lots of work to organize people and come up with music, not to mention crafting a meaningful liturgy and getting the word out, too. 

But I’ve been surprised by my response to the experience, which actually has come together much more smoothly than I anticipated.  I’m finding I don’t care so much about the music or the attendance–I care more about creating this sanctuary and sharing communion with people who know my name.  It feels like worship to me, the people of God just organically gathering together and worshipping God in a way that feels, well, restorative.

Now it’s the next step.  Will we keep going, and can we go weekly?  We’re going to try it. 

Our Fall Wednesday Night Worship series begins weekly October 1 at 6:30 p.m., and we’re gathering around the theme: “Be the Change.”  Together with EpicenterDC, a Methodist church plant, we’re going to get together to talk about our desire to see change in our lives and in our world. 

Paul’s letter to the Philippians describes qualities of Gospel community that can surely be taken out of our little gathering and into our world, where we can live them as God’s transforming work in the world.  They are qualities like . . . community, hope, courage, peace, integrity, discipline, joy, contentment, gratitude . . . . 

This fall change is in the air, and I want to gather with others who are wondering how we might usher in real change–the Kingdom of God, even.  Can’t wait to worship on Wednesdays!

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