My Do Ate My Keyboard

My Do Ate My Keyboard January 15, 2009

My do  ate my keyboard.

I’m not kiddin .

I always thou ht that was kind o  a  i ure o  speech, not an actual occurrence.  But, alas, I  ot up  rom the couch to answer a telephone call and when I returned two letters on my keyboard-two letters ri ht in the middle o  my keyboard, no less, have been . . . well, chewed o  .

As my dissertation is due in approximately 15 days, this turn o  events is not makin  me  eel overly a  ectionate toward said do . It will only  et worse, let me tell you, when I have to  o in and explain to the church administrator why the extra warranty on this computer has, yet a ain, come in handy.

Si h.

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