Some Things I Know

Some Things I Know January 17, 2009

Today somebody challenged my opinion on a controversial issue; strangely, the challenge rocked my world a little.  The experience was all very curious . . . after all, I am one who feels very well at home with all kinds of different opinions floating around; the discomfort of diversity is something I relish.

My very wise spiritual director always tells me to step away and look at things, just to sit with the uneasiness for awhile and see where it takes me. It’s been about 24 hours now, and I’m feeling more peaceful. One thing that helped was a list, a list of things I know.

At least I think I know.

For now, anyway.

I know I am not always right.  Hmmmmm, I also know I am not always wrong.  But then, I know, too, that the question of whether one is right or wrong is usually not the most important question after all.  I know for sure that God’s love is more expansive than I thought yesterday and probably than I will think tomorrow. I know God’s call to faith in Jesus Christ always pushes me to consider a perspective I never considered before. I know what God looks like by looking at my community. I know words that hurt people are not okay, and I know by now that you should never hang your hat on gross generalizations. I know God’s Spirit can never be contained. I know love is here-I can feel it all around me. I know Gospel makes people nervous. I know that God loves me patiently through the times I think I have it all figured out. I know that love is always the best response to hatred and bigotry. I know for sure that God loves you. I know that challenging what you’ve always believed can make you feel really unsettled, angry, defensive. I know when I feel that way I should pay very close attention because somewhere there’s an opportunity to learn something. I know that not everybody shares that opinion. I know God doesn’t fit in my box. I know that change happens through the work of God’s Spirit. I know God will never leave me alone.

Most of all I know that I don’t know everything . . . but I do know a little more than I knew back when I thought I knew everything.

What do you know?

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