Opinion: The Pastor Goes to the Movies

Opinion: The Pastor Goes to the Movies November 13, 2009


I’m sharing my thoughts all over the place these days.  Recently I pontificated on the new Coen brothers’ movie, A Serious Man, on the Associated Baptist Press website: http://www.abpnews.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=4547&Itemid=9.

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  • Well written and thought provoking as always. I almost went to see the film this week when I was in DC. Thank for saving me the trouble and the $10.

  • Courtney

    Rachel and I are debating whether to see this or Precious tonight, preferably whichever will be (marginally) less depressing. Given your comments, I’m leaning towards Precious… Thoughts?

  • anthony

    I just wanted to say, i know this is a old post but i googled reviews on a serious man after watching it, and i couldn’t help but notice you said there was no sign of god in the movie really. when actually, there was. now im not a huge christian, catholic, or anything of that nature, i do believe in god to an extent but heres my theory.

    the whole movie, larry always played by the rules, did what he was supposed to do, what was written of his religion to do. he followed what he believed it. now, he had dreams a few times, of things that, are out of his perception of life, things he wouldnt normally do. whenever he chose to do something bad, something bad in return seemed to happen to him, or things around him. he smoked pot with his neighbor, consequence? his brother had cops after him. now i cant remember everything isaw, i watched the movie once over a span of two days.

    but at the end of the movie, when he finally decides to change the grade, his actions had consequences. in a way, god did show up, because he was watching him all along, and the good things he did, didnt go un noticed, but nothing bad really happened. now the moment he changed the grade, something bad did happen. he got a call soon after about his xrays and then the tornado formed right where his son was. god, being in the form of the tornado, was sending a whirlwind of his presence. i dont if that makes any sense but, thats my view on the movie.