I Object

I Object March 2, 2010

So far, so good in Richmond. 

I’m having a great time enjoying the hospitality of the fine folks at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, and it seems like I haven’t scared them too much yet.  We’re spending the week reading Gospel passages and exploring what it might mean for us to live a radical Gospel…The Gospel in the Twenty-First Century is our theme. 

Today we read the story from John Chapter 2, the story of Jesus turning over the tables of the money changers in the Temple during Passover.  And we talked about when our faith might possibly call upon us to protest.

Then, right after the noon service, we headed over to Virginia Commonwealth University to do just that.  Westboro Baptist Church was in town today, picketing the Holocaust Museum, among other sites.  Their message is a spewing of hatred and bigotry, and objecting to it was reason enough to protest for sure.

Rector of St. Paul’s, Wallace Adams-Riley, joined other clergy from all over the Richmond area to stand in solidarity against hatred preached in the name of Jesus Christ.  How wonderful to talk about the call to protest, then go right out and do it . . . a Gospel with feet.

(I want a cool collar like that.)

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