Penitence: Day 27

Penitence: Day 27 July 7, 2010

I woke up this morning in a panic, realizing with a sinking feeling that I totally and completely forgot to blog yesterday. 


This is probably a side-effect of the last few days of an insanely busy schedule, but I’ll allow that it could be a sign of early dementia.  I also think it could very well be the fact that the weather outside is incredibly hot—roasting—and it’s likely essential portions of my brain have fried.

Either way, I am going to claim my understanding of God as a God of grace and apply that divine quality to anybody who even cares that I missed a day . . . then I will make two entries for today.  If that doesn’t suffice, I’ll go for ten extra minutes on the elliptical trainer.  And not eat a brownie I’ve been saving for later today. 

I consider forgetting to blog a grave offense, true, but I don’t think I’m quite willing to go much beyond those penitential expressions. 

Because God is a God of forgiveness, and I know you are too.  Amen.

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