When a “Psychic Attack” Isn’t: Battling New Levels of Awareness as a Witch or Magician

When a “Psychic Attack” Isn’t: Battling New Levels of Awareness as a Witch or Magician February 7, 2018

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What is a “psychic attack”? When is something suspected to be a psychic attack, and what are the other potential possibilities?

I will break this down by the types:

  1. I’m running into all sorts of bad luck, could this be a hex or psychic attack?
  2. I’m feeling overwhelmed by sensations, presences, intense and/or disturbing dreams, could this be a psychic attack?

While the first example could be any number of things, I will instead focus on that second one.

It’s extremely common as a new magician or witch to become overwhelmed by the new sensations and energies as you continue to grow in awareness. Like someone getting into shape who is trying out a new workout, you are bound to experience muscle soreness.

It’s a similar deal with either the newly psychically sensitive or those who are undergoing a drastic shift in their level of awareness. Everything is loud, everything hurts, your subconscious is on overdrive and it’s manifesting in all sorts of unexpected ways. Naturally one’s first instinct is “Oh no, have I pissed off a spirit or deity? Am I under some form of psychic attack?”

First of all, if I’ve described a situation that resonates with you, breathe. It’s normal. You’re not alone. I first went through this in my early teens and had no idea what the hell was going on, and the fact that you are bound to get noticed by other spirits/entities while you’re waking up probably doesn’t help either. Nine times out of ten nothing is actually attacking you, you’ve done nothing wrong, you’re just rapidly gaining awareness and using “muscles” that haven’t done this level of effort before. It may feel overwhelming, you may be concerned that you’re losing your mind.

My recommendations to you if you are facing this is as follows:

  • Learn how to ground. Spend some time outdoors. Do physical activities, doesn’t have to be strenuous but just enough to get you into your body and help balance you out.
  • Take care of yourself. Eat right, drink enough water, get enough sleep, meditate.
  • Journal. Write everything down along with whatever other magic or any sort of practices you happen to be doing and see if there’s any sort of correlation.
  • Did I mention the meditation part? Do. I also recommend yoga.
  • Do regular banishing and cleansing rituals to help deal with the excess and balance you out. The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) is a great ritual for this as is the Sword Banishing ritual from Damon Brand’s Magickal Protection book. There are some fantastic rituals and technique outlined in Jason Miller’s Protection and Reversal Magick book.
  • Be patient with yourself and the process. This too will pass.

Remember, this doesn’t just happen with people who are new to magic, too. This can happen to anyone if you find yourself suddenly gaining new levels of psychic or energetic awareness.

In my next blog post, I will cover how to determine if you are indeed under some form of hex or psychic attack.


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