Witchcraft Is Political, Which Is Why I Am Anti-Fascism And Anti-Trump

Witchcraft Is Political, Which Is Why I Am Anti-Fascism And Anti-Trump October 26, 2020

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It’s not like I’ve been super subtle about being anti-Trump for a while now, so I’m sure none of this will come as a surprise.

But being a witch? It’s political. My witchcraft? It’s political. My actions? They’re political too. Do I combine all of these? Hell yeah.

Politics are about people’s lives, including my own as a queer Jewish femme witch.

Being anti-Trump is pro-American too

I’m all of two generations away from survivors of the Nazis and all I can think about is how my ancestors must be reacting to all of this. We’ve got genocide, antisemitism, and people proudly wearing swastikas and marching with torches chanting crap like “Jews will not replace us.”

However, I need to make the following caveat: America was founded on racism, genocide, and slavery. It’s not escaped my attention that contained within those roots was noble intent and that we are striving for better. We honestly cannot without a) being honest about our history and b) learning from it.

As witches, pagans, polytheists, etc, we must all do this. And we must act.

What can we do beyond simply being anti-Trump?

Freaking vote, fam. And not third party either. Until we dismantle the electoral college and implement ranked choice voting, no state is safe and not a single vote is inconsequential.

Trump is trying to pack the courts prior to the election for one reason and one reason only: to give him leverage to have him declared the winner if the votes are remotely close. It’s not like the GOP won’t still be in power until January regardless of the results. THAT, my friends, is why they’re doing this. They are literally planning on stealing the election through Handmaid Amy the Dominionist.

Was Biden my first choice? Nope. Nor was he my second, third, fourth, or fifth. But I’m voting for him with the passion of someone trying to gnaw off their leg caught in a bear trap as the sole means of survival. PLEASE vote for Biden. Vote in numbers too big to manipulate for this to happen. Bring your friends. Bring your family. Wear masks and stay safe. I cast my ballot already, so I’m good to go.

Trump is fascist and that’s just the facts

He cozies up to dictators and wants to be one for life. He’s told the press that he insults them on purpose (AKA “fake news”) so that when they say mean things (AKA the truth) no one will believe them. He’s allowing COVID to kill many people without even attempting to help anyone financially or at all. Advocating for herd immunity is mass murder and yes, it’s a form of genocide as well. An awful lot got normalized during his term that never, ever, should’ve been and many institutions are now compromised. There’s a great deal of repair that will need to be done even if we come out the other side of this.

This election is our last, best hope for democracy. If we don’t win it, we have no hope left.

There are no second chances, no do-overs. And it won’t be over in November or January no matter what.

We will have to continue fighting no matter what

Not simply due to hypervigilance, but due to the simple fact that those who supported Trump will still be here. Also because we have two major issues that must be dealt with effectively: climate change and healthcare. And they require major structural changes that those in particular industries and big money interests will fight us on.

At some point we have to decide whether or not we want to actually save this society by caring about other people, or simply just let us all die. I absolutely refuse to do the latter.

Do no harm, but take no shit

People are planning for major anti-Trump rituals to take place starting on Samhain/full moon while some of us have been doing them for a while. Feel free to join in one or do one of your own by yourself or with others.

But vote. Also, vote. Please vote like our lives depend on it, cause they do. Cause if COVID or Trump doesn’t kill us climate change will.




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