Boundaries Are Healthy: Saturn Matters In Magic

Boundaries Are Healthy: Saturn Matters In Magic October 25, 2020

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The view of Saturn as far as its influences in magic, archetypical representation, and astrology are concerned tend to be that “Saturn is harsh” and often to be avoided. Whereas I see working with forces of Saturn along with the forces of Jupiter as a natural balance in response to the human condition.

Just what do I mean by that? First, I’ll get into what the heck I’m even talking about to begin with.

Saturn is about boundaries and restriction, Jupiter is about expansion and widening horizons

Jupiter is an oft invoked force for working with things such as finances and anything you can think of in that realm. It’s a long term growth potential force that can be slow to grow. As opposed to working with Mercury, which tends to be quick acting but short term. I like to work with both for any sort of financial or prosperity magic.

As anyone who works with any sort of uncontrolled or otherwise discriminate force (sometimes referred to as a “blind” force), it requires oversight and boundaries.

Boundaries in both magic and your personal life are actually healthy things. You want them. Trust me, you do.

Need to cut ties, draw a line in the sand, or do protective magic? You want Saturn

Saturn is excellent for protection. Think about it: what is protection? What is the nature of protection? You’re setting a boundary, that’s called protecting yourself. Protection is you putting up a boundary between yourself and that which would otherwise harm you.

By invoking this particular force, you are drawing a line. All of these things when you think about it have a practical application in reality. Believe it or not, magic does indeed make sense.

It is good to draw lines both in your magic and in your life.

Drawing lines in your personal life

“This is the hill I will die on” is another way of saying “This is where I draw the line”. Picking and choosing your hills is akin to picking your battles.

Sometimes having to enforce your personal boundaries and ethical standards can be tough. Other times it can be downright painful when people we otherwise care about and respect violate them. One of the things that the current political climate taught me was which of my so-called friends believed in Jewish supremacy conspiracy theories and what ones felt my basic human rights weren’t important to them.

It sucks, but here we are.

Boundaries protect us and that’s why they’re there

Having boundaries means not tolerating intolerance. It also means not tolerating those who would tolerate intolerance because those individuals are contributing to harm.

I find it ironic but not at all surprising that those who tend to be most obsessed with “the threefold law” and believe in it also have massive boundary issues. Often times when people take on these dogmatic ideas they don’t fully think about their applications in other areas of their life.

And that’s another thing. If you haven’t seriously taken the time to think about how things in your own life apply to magic and visa versa, you haven’t really sat down and studied magic. These things aren’t random and magic is not an isolated thing you just put back on a shelf when you’re done with it. It’s about your whole life.

Magic is practical.

Saturn is self care and harm prevention

Sometimes self care is tough medicine. But medicine is medicine, and we often need it.

If you’re not applying enough boundaries to both your magic and your life in general, eventually you’ll come to harm. You may even hurt those around you.

Sometimes people need to invoke Saturnian influences in their lives for their own good, and often times that means cutting out certain types of people. Namely those who have issues both with boundaries and with toxic people. Tolerating intolerance and being in denial over it harms other people, including those you claim are friends.

Boundaries are protection both for myself and for other people.

These are the hills I will die on

Agreeing to disagree are for topics like pizza toppings, what tv shows are good, and which is better, iPhone or Android (it’s the Droid and in particular Samsung phones, sorry not sorry lol).

I’m not going to “agree to disagree” with bigots or their enablers/apologizers.

I don’t tolerate people who think that trans folk are harming and abusing children and those who think that allowing children to figure out their gender identity is abusing them either. I also don’t tolerate people who think that Jewish supremacist theories are a thing, or think that Black people are naturally more violent and have lower IQs. And I especially don’t tolerate anyone who thinks that having friends who agree with any of these sorts of opinions is okay, let alone spends time actively in denial over how bad these people are.

See also: the paradox of tolerance.

I will happily invoke the forces of Saturn and cut them out of my life, and hope that at some point they realize how harmful their lack of boundaries is to others.


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