COVID, Samhain, And You: Why This Year Is Different

COVID, Samhain, And You: Why This Year Is Different October 23, 2020

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Why is this sabbat different from all other sabbats? COVID, namely.

Yes, it’s terrible that on a full moon–a blue moon even–we have Halloween. Some celebrate Samhain on this date while others do it on Nov 1. Obviously given all of the factors many have been wanting to celebrate Samhain on Saturday.


So…what do we do?

We do virtual sabbats via Zoom, Google meet, or some other form of video chat software with others. We also can celebrate in isolation or with whomever lives with us.

We meditate, we do a personal ritual, we light candles to honor our dead and our ancestors.

The dead have increased in number far more than usual

And if you’re concerned about that and its impact on your rite, definitely include Hekate in your workings. Hekate is a goddess of the restless dead and I’m sure there are FAR more than usual thanks to COVID.

If you’re someone who tends to be sensitive to this sort of thing ordinarily during this time of year, I probably don’t even have to tell you this. All I can do is advise on coping strategies.

This is not going to be an ordinary Samhain for a good number of you, and I’m in that number. But for some of us it will hurt more than others, and that’s okay and to be expected.

We are stressed more than usual cause of COVID, and it’s not helping

Agonizing over doing ritual and doing it properly are always on the menu. The angst over missing out on a lot of opportunities given all of the factors lined up for this day this year adds to the woe. Then there’s the whole COVID depression and despair that can cast a great deal of shadow on this day.

Then there are those who have lost others to COVID so this day is especially poignant. How do we do it justice? How do we do THEM justice?

Do your best and forget the rest

If you want to do magic on this day to influence certain things, I highly recommend it. If you have loved ones to remember on this day, you can do that instead or in addition to.

If all you can do is light a candle, order in a pizza and watch Practical Magic, that’s still doing a thing.

Just do your best and forget the rest.

Trust me, not a single being in the world will judge you let alone a divine one.



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