A Power Sigil for Our Times

A Power Sigil for Our Times November 9, 2016

This morning, as I put inked brush to paper, my hand trembled.  I’ve been using brushes for over 35 years, and I can’t remember a time when my hand shook like this, from the emotions welling within.  I could have probably used a Micron pen to offset it, but my gut said ink and brush.

So much is at stake, at risk, and in danger – yet these are the times we were made for.  I seek to exchange my tears of fear and dread – for those of determination, spawn by the winds of revolution.  I have put brush to paper, intent into action by crafting a sigil for all of you who need protection and guidance against the impending storm.  To summon its power and remind you of your own. To be a beacon to get us to time of the Star, navigating safely through the time of the Tower.

Description of the Power Sigil and the meaning of its parts:
The largest part of the form is a 5-pointed star, representing protection and the elements that make us up: earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. Within that star is a second star, another layer of protection and a balance of conflicting identities, shining against the dark and the unknown.  Within that star is an open circle representing an egg, a seed of truth, the eye of calm within, potential.  Extending out from each arm of the larger star are tripled-barbed arrows.  They guide our energy outward, reaching while protecting, their points finding purchase in what they pierce. Flanking each internal chevron of the star is a crescent moon – its horns protecting the vulnerable areas, while also representing the waxing and waning of the moon, of ideas, of waves.  There is one for each of the next 4 years, with a 5th to mark the rising of a new era of hope and change.  Behind each is a black dot – a point of origin or destination, a new moon’s energy of facing fears and banishing the dark within and without.

I present it to you here in two variations – overt/upward pointing, and invert/downward pointing.  I believe that the star, regardless of its direction, represents duality, both masculine and feminine energies.  The intent is the same for either direction, but one may appeal more visually to you and/or be more safe for you to use in the face of ignorance.  It is a mark to remind you of your own power, and to take action.

I welcome you to share this sigil, to use it in your home, at work, on your body.  You can print it out to look at, draw it again and again for yourself, make into a talisman, tattoo it on your body, trace it during meditation – whatever helps you activate it. I ask that you simply please respect my copyright of the design by not reproducing it for profit, and contact me for permission for additional uses or questions.

Thank you and so mote it be.

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