The Seed of Greatness

The Seed of Greatness January 15, 2018
Joan of Arc, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander the Great, Doreen Valiente, Martin Luther King, Jr, Frida Khalo
Joan of Arc, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander the Great, Doreen Valiente, Martin Luther King, Jr, Frida Kahlo

The occult world is full of myth and folklore distilling the signs of greatness.  Being born under an auspicious astrological or astronomical event perhaps.  Emerging from the womb breach or with a caul over the face. Conception with the aid of angel penis or supposedly being descended from special bloodlines. Ordained by the gods.  All signs directing towards magic, witchery, ability, and natural talent.

Humanity is fascinated with the ideas of destiny and fate.  We particularly love to spin tales about how people who accomplished great things had something special about them.  We emphasize that even from the womb, this individual was extraordinary. History is riddled with tales of great people who overcame adversity and did amazing deeds – and clearly they were destined from the beginning to do so.

Why do we keeping telling these tales that emphasize extraordinary origin? Because somewhere deep down, it excuses everyone else – including ourselves – from being “great.”  THOSE people clearly had something special about them that we must intrinsically lack, so it’s OK to not be “great.”  But the stories of great people are meant to inspire us, not to be legendary bars to measure ourselves against. They were ordinary people following their hearts, not demigods or foretold saviors.

As John Beckett touches upon in his recent post about Cults of Personality – modern society is obsessed with the cult of celebrity. The news, TV and other media is rife with people who haven’t done anything in terms of working for the greater good – but they’re some kind of faux royalty because of who their parents were, or happen throw a ball really well, or are someone who holds or promotes damaging ideas about society.  Those people aren’t better or more special than you.  Sure, they may be more well-known, or have more money, but they’re still people – the same as you. (Unless they’re aliens…which I’m not saying they are…)

We all possess the seeds for greatness. Greatness isn’t about being well-known or famous – it’s about doing the best you can, to the best of your ability and situation. Whether the cameras are rolling or not – and most likely with little fanfare.

Fame is definitely not a way to measure greatness.  Greatness involves standing up for yourself and for those around you – even if they look/believe/sound are different from you.  It involves working to improve your life and the lives of those around you, and keep that circle of goodness ever-reaching. It doesn’t have to affect a whole nation or state, or even a city – just reaching out to affect change in your own household or neighborhood by taking care of others contains the seed of greatness. It can be your job or something you volunteer to do, or maybe a split-second decision to help someone in a time a need. In metaphysical terms, the intent and will that you focus to change the world – and follow through with it manifests change in your environment. The root of greatness is taking action responsibly and sincerely because you know in your heart it’s the right thing to do.

And if it sounds like I’m defining greatness as being a decent, compassionate human being – you’re right.  I don’t have to look at your star chart or bloodlines to tell that you were destined for greatness. You were born to it.


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