6 Minutes of Witchcraft: Feminist Spirituality

6 Minutes of Witchcraft: Feminist Spirituality January 21, 2019

For this episode of “6 Minutes of Witchcraft”, I tackle a viewer question’s of: what is my opinion of feminist spirituality.  Again, a bit hard to squeeze in a lot of exploration in 6 minutes, so I’m following up here with a bit more.  Also, I’ve been dealing with migraines this past week, so I battled through that to get my brain to work properly, but I had to do some editing near the end – which was even more headache-inducing. It’s not the most graceful, but it does the trick.

Here’s the video – and more words below:

In this upload, I missed using one particular word, though I describe it in other words: inclusive. To celebrate and embrace the diversity of the world, seeking quality and justice – means being inclusive and inter-sectional in our approach to change.

That aside, I really think the key point from the video is: It is natural for us to reach out for the opposite of our experience when given a chance for growth. We know where we have been, and we’re not interested in doing that again.  But in the search for the divine, exchanging out god for goddess isn’t really what is needed. We must find the divine within ourselves and see it present in the world around us. Call it what you will, but recognize that it resides in you, as part of you.

Also, I move to rename or replace the word feminist with “razor” – keeping with the theme that some apparent menfolk can’t handle sharp things – and razors are handy in clearing away unwanted growths.  Seriously, the amount of people who freak out over the word feminist – without apparently using an ounce of deep thinking – is bonkers.

In the next episode I will tackle another viewer’s question on queerness and trans experience in Witchcraft. Keep an eye out for that one soon! And if you have any questions you’d like me to try and answer, leave them in the comments (you can do so on the blog, but on the video is better.)

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