6 Minutes of Witchcraft: Beginners, Seekers, Sandboxes (and Snacks)

6 Minutes of Witchcraft: Beginners, Seekers, Sandboxes (and Snacks) November 12, 2019

Sandbox time. Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

In this video I talk about what I perceive to be the differences between a beginner and a seeker and why I’m not so sure that “Weave the Liminal” is a book I’d recommend for an absolute beginner. The idea spawned from some threads on Twitter, which started with me expressing that I’m not sure how I feel about WTL being recommended for beginners, and that it may be best for them to weed through some other stuff first. Then it evolved into a discussion about what is a beginner book – and what did we ourselves first read.

For the record, I’m NOT displeased that it’s being recommended or that I don’t think the book is accessible.  Instead, it’s more that there is such a range of folks getting into Witchcraft for a whole host of different reasons. What they’re personally looking for may vary. Particularly if someone is looking for a quick path to power, prepared spells and being hand-led through – I don’t think they’ll find that WTL is the book for them.

Also, this video features a special appearance by Princess GRACIE !

Anyway, here’s the video – notes below.

Video Notes:

1) I forgot to set the timer….so it’s a 10 minute-long six minutes 😉

2) Cooking, Ceramics, Jewelry-making – these are all forms of art/craft that can be incredibly refined and practiced on a professional level – but they’re also seen as activities that are fun to “try out” and explore. Like the “wine and sip painting” parties – I’m a professional artist (largely a painter) – and some folks who do the wine and sip painting parties discover art-making and seriously fall in love with it. But most folks just have a lot of fun doing it on occasion and don’t take it to the next level. That’s what I mean.

Snack time! Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

3) I recognize that the vast majority of folks recommending the book also see it as that elusive book they wished for when they first started out. It is that long search and the culmination of experiences that gives us that hindsight and opinion.  I do trust that the majority of those folks are nudging the book towards others because they recognize those folks are seekers. But “beginning of your path” and “beginning book” can be two very different beasts. Once you’ve recognized that there IS a path, then the mind and spirit is ready for a new perspective and level of growth.

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