Shared Magick: The Healing of Wounds Sigil

Shared Magick: The Healing of Wounds Sigil November 4, 2019

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Previously I shared the Survivor Support Sigil – one of two healing sigils created last fall during my Sigil Witchery workshops.  The sigils got buried in a bigger post so I have separated them out for easier use and reference. I feel these sigils can be helpful to those working to recover and heal from abuse and give more power and support to survivors. These are intended to be tools to assist and help bring about effective change, along with other physical and metaphysical work.

The Healing of Wounds Sigil was created at Sacred Hearth Sanctuary in Reno, Nevada on September 21st. It can be used for many kinds of wounds – spiritual, emotional, mental, and/or physical.  It can be used in tandem as well with the Survivor Support Sigil or any other correlating shared magick sigil.

Workshop Workboard

Built within this sigil…
All elements that aid in the healing process:

High Resolution version of Healing of Wounds Sigil

How To Use This Sigil:
The type of working will depend on the type and kind of healing required.  It can be centered on a certain part of the body where the healing is needed, administered via poppet, candle, or other forms of sympathetic magic.  It can be etched into candles, applied with oils, tattooed, hennaed, placed on your altar, etc.  Also, while our first instinct may be to be apply to our bodies, this sigil can also be used to heal places, sites, and other beings.

These sigils are just two ways to aid in the process healing.  There are many more ways. We heal by telling our truths, our stories, our experiences – and being heard and acknowledged. So even if you don’t have something to say yourself, you can be there to listen to someone else. Healing happens through changing patterns, saying no to abusers and those who are caught up in the cycle of it.  Probably one of the most difficult things is working to forgive ourselves: the survivor relinquishing the pain of shame and anger associated with the abuse; for others, it’s the complicated feeling of helplessness or frustration of ignorance for not knowing or preventing it. It’s a tangled mess, but it can be unraveled and released – and worth the journey.

Creative Commons License
Healing of Wounds Sigil by Laura Tempest Zakroff is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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If you’re interested in learning more about this method of sigil crafting, check out or even better, check out the book I wrote on it – which is available via amazon, the previously mentioned website, and bookstores everywhere.  Support your local witch/indie bookstore whenever possible!

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