The Power of Shared Magick

The Power of Shared Magick July 18, 2018

I have released the 5 sigils that were created at workshops on my June tour and it’s been fascinating to watch shared magick in motion. In case you missed one (or all), they were: A Sigil To Protect Protesters, A Sigil To Build and Strengthen Community, A Border Sigil, A Sigil for the Housing Crisis, and the Anti-Burnout Sigil.

all 5 sigils


It has been an amazing experience to watch these sigils spread throughout the Internet:
– to see who shared them (and sometimes why)
– get a peek at how they have been used already
– note which ones were the most popular according to webstats
and most fascinating…
– what people said about them (for better or for worse)

The majority of people seemed to instantly embrace and use them. Then there were folks who had differing political views. To which I say, the bottom line for every one of these sigils is: to support humanity, engage both emotions and logic, and encourage respectful understanding. That’s a baseline everyone should agree with, or you make a pretty lousy p-word.

And then there were a few folks who didn’t quite understand how this sort of magick works – or at least that’s what I’m led to believe by their comments scattered throughout. Which isn’t surprising – like the application of ritual, the study, use, and understanding of magick is wide, amorphous, and leaves lots of room for misinterpretation. Especially if you’re not familiar with the method.

So I penned the following to hopefully help illuminate a little and put it on my personal page.  I wanted to share it here as well:

Photo by Yeshi Kangrang on Unsplash

“There are workings that by design and nature should be secret, allocated to the realm of silence and unspoken mystery. Their power vibrates within the folds of dark velvet, felt yet unseen. They shift and cause change like roots below the earth, moving a little at a time: slow and steady. 

By that same measure there are workings that are designed to be public, known, shown, and spoken. With every view or sharing, their power builds like a rising tide, making waves that cause change. They inspire, enthuse, and invigorate through their use and presence. They become an ocean that cannot be countered without great difficulty, because the waves can become endless, carving out the new landscape.

Both kinds of workings are necessary, and it’s crucial to know the right time and place for each.

These sigils I’m sharing? They, by the heart of their design, are the latter. They thrive in use and repetition, each use is a swelling wave of change. Others may seek to fight the wave, but the ocean cannot be stopped.”

Sigils are symbols (drawn, carved, painted, sewn, etc) believed to have magickal properties. The visual image, the method of physical application or metaphysical interaction, and most importantly the thoughts upon which the symbol is created – help unlock and empower the sigil. They continue to work subliminally behind the scenes – much like your computer or phone’s operating system while you read this post.  They help us each consider what we treasure, how we can manifest change in our personal worlds, and in turn affect the macrocosm.  Little shifts of position, new inspirations, cracks of light filtering through: nothing too dramatic on the personal level, but still change that you can stand back and see as the mosaic comes together. That’s the power of shared magick, and it can definitely make a difference.


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