Magical Movement: Gaining Direction

Magical Movement: Gaining Direction February 23, 2021

Last week’s Witchual Workout was an unexpectedly short week of episodes*, but they still pack a punch that can add to your practice in many ways.

How much thought have you given to direction in your ritual?  Sure, there’s North, East, South, and West – but what do those directions mean to you? How do they relate to your practice?  Even more so – have you ever given much thought to how you move through your ritual space?  A tradition may have certain guidelines or rules, but there’s often folklore behind that practice.  The directions can be much more than just points, altars, or lanterns in your space 0 they can connect you intimately with space and spirits.

Monday – Witchual Workout 135: Directions & Elements – Today’s focus comes from Meridith’s request to delve into the directions a little more. There’s so much to say about the directions (and the elements when we pair them together), so this is meant to be a start for considering other possibilities outside of the more classic Western Occultist/Ceremonial Magic approach. It’s about looking around you to note the landmarks in the landscape, what is important to your practice, and how do you wish to relate to these places.

Tuesday, Witchual Workout 136: Nine of Wands – Today is a Tarot day and we received the 9 of Wands, representing resilience, courage, persistence, problem-solving to meet your goal. Building upon yesterday’s theme of the directions, we consider how we move in our space can add or affect what we’re doing. Clockwise, counterclockwise, on the axis, facing in, facing out – these all add a different feel to your working.

Alas, halfway through the week, I got entrenched in re-organizing my studio space, which then exploded into the ritual room.  That’s where I film most of the Witchual Workouts. So between the lack of space and trying to get everything back together as quickly as possible, the WW went on hiatus for the rest of the week.

However, I had been thinking about deity and direction, which would have been Wednesday’s episode. In lieu of that, I would challenge you – that if you work with any specific deity, think about what direction you may associate with them.  Is it NESW, above, below, within, or without?  Does their placement change throughout the year? Do you face a certain direction to best connect with them? How do you orient your body?

And since we didn’t have an official oracle pull – I think this previous episode is a good one to review:

Witchual Workout 128: Oracle – Environment – Spirits of Place

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