Stupid ‘puter! Stupid Hgb! Stupid Rockefeller?

Stupid ‘puter! Stupid Hgb! Stupid Rockefeller? November 14, 2005

My computer keeps getting hung up and needing rebooting, so I may just say “pfffft” to it and go take a little nappy-poo, since my hemoglobin is also being totally disobedient. Some days bed is the place to stay. Unless I think of something interesting, that I just HAVE to share with y’all. :-)

Like this piece by Christopher Hitchens which spells out just what you have to make yourself believe in order to believe “Bush lied about WMD.”

Or this, wherein Captain Ed wonders if Jay Rockefeller shouldn’t maybe be investigated or even charged with treason.

That was a pretty big slip Rockefeller made. I wonder if the MSM will pursue it at all. I expect, as with Sandy Berger’s Classified Document Stuffed Pants, they’ll just chuckle over it.

Mark Kilner thinks it through:

This is major revelation, and one wonders why it did not make it into any of the various reports or Washington Post charts. Here is a United States Senator, four months after the terrorist attacks of 9-11, traveling to the region, alone and under the cover of darkness, to warn various regional leaders that he was certain the President was really after Saddam Hussein.

Why was Rockefeller undermining U.S. foreign policy in this manner before the initial shock of 9-11 had not yet worn off? The country was so united that even Al Gore was on board, yet Rockefeller says he saw through a smoke screen and warned the region’s leaders.

One also wonders, since Rockefeller believed the invasion of Iraq had been plotted years beforehand, why he became complicit in this plot by voting to authorize the use of force against Saddam Hussein.

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