Father's Day or End of School…

Father's Day or End of School… June 8, 2009

You’ll note a couple of new blogads if you look below the Rosary Podcasts link. Friend Shana, a home-schooling mom of 8 and Secular Franciscan has her political tee-shirts and bumperstickers going, but today we also got an ad from the Toffeehouse, in anticipation of both Father’s Day and those end-of-school-year gifts you may need.

We’ve talked about this before: The Toffee House is a family-owned and operated business; a home-schooling mom and dad make the candy while the kids illustrations thank you for the purchase. The toffee is decadent and downright dangerous. Racheal Ray will be featuring this delicious, killer candy on her show come July 13th, but if you want it in time for Father’s Day, (or the final days of school) you’ll need to order it this week. I promise, whoever receives a gift of this toffee will be gushing their thanks all summer!

Of course, I also urge those of you with he-man-coffee-drinking dads (or waist-watching teachers who seem like they could use a tasty decaf) to make a gift of Mystic Monk Coffee.

You can’t go wrong, either way, and by purchasing any of these products, you’re encouraging both the Spirit and good-old American can-do!

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