Obama, BP, Oilmoney & the Press – UPDATED

Obama, BP, Oilmoney & the Press – UPDATED May 5, 2010

So, the Gulf may have to deal with as much as <a href="http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/05/04/AR2010050404118_pf.html".40,000 barrels of oil seeping into it, every day, for a while.

And…the Obama government exempted BP from an impact review last year.

And…President Obama, who hates big oil, big coal, big energy, was on the receiving end of more money from BP than anyone else in politics.

And…the President’s party is fundraising off of the disaster.


Can you hear the screaming? Can you hear the righteous denunciation of the “big-oil president and his greedy donors!”

Can you hear the environmentalists weeping and gnashing their teeth shouting “where was he? Why was he yucking it up with Jay Leno while sea-life was imperiled?

Do you hear anyone sneering “you, sir, and your administration have failed in your duty,” or cries of “incompetence!” and “cronyism” and “arrogant disinterest” from the MSNBC mouths as you pass the channel?

Anyone organizing a telethon and announcing “Barack Obama hates beaches and killer whales,”?


Well, what has happened to my country? Where have all the righteous gone?

They have left their guardposts. They are on break. They are no longer sure about things; what used to be evil is now an acceptable norm, not worth noticing!

Who is looking out for the little guy, and the environment?

Who is going to charge the president to put the people over the powerful, the porpoises over the profligates, and to refuse the bribery of Big-Corporate-Big-Interest campaign money?

Who is going to look out for us, now that the self-appointed guardians who were so vigilant until January of 2009 have suddenly gone silent?

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes! What are we to do, now that the guardians are no longer guarding?

It seems that they may now paraphrase St. Paul, crying out, “all that I hate, I am become!”

UPDATE: Hmmmm….how very odd.

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