Lincoln, Douglass & Jeter?

Lincoln, Douglass & Jeter? July 4, 2010

My son showed me a bit of “drunk history” last night. Apparently a guest agrees to be plied with liquor until he/she can barely stand, and then attempt to articulate a moment in history–on camera. Their musings are then subsequently dramatized, using the inebriated audio.

I found most of videos to be tedious, but this one, wherein Jen Kirkman discusses the relationship of Abraham Lincoln and Fredrick Douglass, was actually pretty funny. Will Ferrell and the great Don Cheadle are Lincoln and Douglass, but watch out for what looks to be an uncredited appearance by Derek Jeter, at about 3:30.

No, really; it’s unmistakably Jeter. What’s he doing there?

Well, one of the cinematographers is credited as Clay Jeter. Perhaps helping out a cousin?

In any case, the video is pretty amusing, but I must give a language warning. So, here is your language warning. Don’t watch this is language offends you. You’re warned.

Jeter shows up in this video, too, but it’s pretty gross. Don’t watch.

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