Another reason to defund PBS!

Another reason to defund PBS! March 7, 2011

Mad men, sad men and … happy men?

Is it too difficult for Sesame Street to teach the concept of gladness? While watching this video, everything in me was screaming, “glad! GLAD! You’re GLAD MEN!”

They missed an opportunity to make education dynamic: “This makes me happy! This makes me GLAD!”

“Happy, happy, happy, we’re GLAD men!”

“We’ve been mad, sad, and glad!

Add “glad” and you’ve given the children the concept of a synonym, plus a fun rhyme, and you’ve added a little wordplay for the adults.

Instead, this is dumbed-down, and maddeningly less than it could be – didn’t anyone stop to think that hats are not meant to be worn indoors, which would have been another helpful lesson?

A little more bang for the buck, please? Or be privately-funded and as unhelpful as you wanna be.

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