Ah, this is Romantic and Sound

Ah, this is Romantic and Sound June 1, 2011

Tim Muldoon’s piece this week really is both profound and romantic and profoundly romantic:

On the day this column is published, a woman named Sue will make a decision that will affect the rest of her life. To be more precise, she will reaffirm a decision that she has already made 6,574 times: to spend the day married to me. On this day, she and I will celebrate eighteen years of marriage.

In days like these when fewer people choose to marry, and when the ideas of what marrying means are changing, one of the key questions is this: what on earth are people like us doing, exactly?

At the most basic level, we’re choosing to live together rather than apart. We’re choosing to be roommates who share books, furniture, household appliances, pets, a mortgage, and occasionally clothing.

Read it, seriously.

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