Please pray for Kitty — UPDATED

Please pray for Kitty — UPDATED November 5, 2011

Friends, so many of you have been so kind and so generous with your prayers — you have left comments here, at twitter and Facebook and sent emails telling me she has been prayed for by name. Someone even sent word that a Mass they attended was offered publicly for her. We are so grateful for it, and humbled to know that people are thinking about her and raising her to God.

Please keep praying, if you will. We visited her last night and left feeling very disturbed. She is still on IV antibiotics, and while this infection dukes it out within her, she is still spiking fevers and her heart rate is still super-accelerated. An echo says her heart is strong, but this is still worrying enough that the hospital is monitoring her very closely.

But she is exhausted, and you can see it. Last night she looked very pale and peaked, and she was rather quiet, and content to just let everyone talk around her. Some if that, I think, is just hospital depression — being bed-ridden and in hospital for too long —  but that affects recovery, too.

It feels like she is in a loop, or a holding pattern, instead of winning.

Your prayers are really heartening. Thank you.

UPDATE: Kitty seems much improved, tonight. Fever is still rackety, but she is in better spirits, and walking the halls a bit with my son. Thank you for your generous outpouring of prayers. I know God will bless you for them, and my appreciation is boundless — it’s very humbling to know you are out there, praying for a good kid you don’t even know.

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