“Catholics have this ‘conscience’ thing!”

“Catholics have this ‘conscience’ thing!” November 22, 2011

This obnoxious woman is never going to get off the stage; she’s going to be with us for another decade, at least, spouting this kind of brainless, willfully obtuse stuff:

“I’m a devout Catholic and I honor my faith and love it . . . but they have this conscience thing [that puts women at risk.]’’

And thank God for it, says I. This “conscience thing” is one of the last centering poles still propping up the once-understood notion that people are more than automatons with utilitarian lives. It is the last thing requiring people to stop and pause before they do what seems sensible in the short term or of a moment. This “conscience thing” is something the government cannot get its grubby hands on, as much as it would like to.

This “conscience thing” is complex and nuanced; it has depth and beauty and — in the divine schematic — unfailing sense. Mrs. Pelosi is content to reduce all of that into this superficial mischaracterization: “[Catholic health services say] I’m sorry, you could die [but we won’t give you an abortion.]”

Because Catholic health providers are just that stupid and cavalier, of course.

As is Mrs. Pelosi, whenever she plays her “I’m a Catholic” card to move legislation she likes, or deep-six what she doesn’t.

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