Is Benedict the “founder of the feast”?

Is Benedict the “founder of the feast”? December 23, 2013

The beauty of the Gospel touches our hearts,
a beauty that is the splendor or truth.
It astonishes us, again and again, that God makes himself a child…
so that we may love him,
so that we may dare to love him,
and as a child trustingly lets himself be taken into our arms.
–Pope Benedict XVI, Christmas Homily, Midnight Mass, 2012

Because the world is paying attention, again; exposure to Catholic teaching is on the rise. This is the first step toward learning and renewed understanding. The Church itself seems to be a renewed place this Christmas, because of a great lesson in Trust taught to us via this much-reviled and put-upon servant of Christ. Let’s take a second to offer a prayer for him in the spirit of these days of hope and quiet longing. By casting the church — and in truth, the entire world — into the path of the Holy Spirit, he is, in one sense, “the founder of the feast” of quasi-goodwill we are currently enjoying since the election of our dear Pope Francis.

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