Chose the Red One! But I Have Another Question…

Chose the Red One! But I Have Another Question… October 20, 2014

The Deed is Done!

Despite all the great suggestions — both here and on Facebook — which ended up giving me lots of places to go and waste time while oo-ing and ah-ing over stuff, and feeling quite the covetous-and-materialist thing, I had to go for the tried-and-true, and ordered the red Baggallini.


So, red it is; Baggallini it is, again. Thanks for your input though; it was fun to talk about something besides church and a-world-in-crisis. Refreshing!

Sometimes we must take a breather, yes?

Which leads me to another frivolous question. You see…I still sort of like that Nine West bag. And I got another gift card yesterday for my birthday, and…I’ll admit it, I’m tempted!

And Obi-wan Ka-Hallie came late to the game and threw more temptation about, including this one, which I really like, too, and it’s only $29.99!

My gift card would cover it!

Egad, a moral dilemma; a personal crisis of coveting! Would it be very wrong for me to have two bags?

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