This is how Hillary should always dress

This is how Hillary should always dress March 10, 2015

Reading up in anticipation of Hillary Clinton’s scheduled press conference (which has not happened, as I write this) I must say I really, really love the way she looks here, in this pant-suit, which I am cribbing from this headline:

NaSon Nguyen/AFP/GettyImages
NaSon Nguyen/AFP/GettyImages

That looks terrific. Black is always a great color on her; she is not buttoned up to the chin; the necklace sits beautifully; the 3/4 sleeves give her a relaxed and softened look. The white contrasts in buttons, shell and pocketpiece are terrific. That’s a winner of a suit. She looks very on-top of things, very confident and very pretty.

So, so, so much better than the Chairman-Mao-by-way-of-Galaxy-X10 get up she wore earlier this week, which is everything the black suit is not: it’s shiny; it’s stiff; it’s bundled-looking; it’s not relaxed, and she doesn’t look relaxed or confident. It’s kind of terrifyingly reminiscent of something a James Bond villain would wear.

Hillary MaoGalaxy

Whoever is handling Hillary’s styles for her presidential campaign, listen up: good job getting her to cut her hair; she always looks good in short hair and the flip was too much “That Girl”; it was aging. Her hair looks great. Now, please, please, please, get her into some more comfortable-looking clothes!

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