Catholics are seriously cooler..

Catholics are seriously cooler.. June 19, 2009

photo credit: Rome of the West.

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  • This photo is too much for me, what I would not do to belong to such a church. I just got back from Mass – our recessional hymn was Joyful, Joyful – played on ukeleles. You can image what we had to endure before the closing act…

  • you could move to st. loius to belong to church such as this.

  • What church is it, and where is it located?I am seriously readying to move away from here and the relocation plan includes finding a city that has a real church and a real liturgy. I'll become bi-ritual if that's what it takes.Suggestions anyone?

  • We live in Sterling Heights, MI…but there are wonderful churches like this all over downtown Detroit.Our parish church is pretty new, but still holds that old-world flavor; the pastor kept all of the old acoutrements…statues, stained glass, etc., and our Mass is totally traditional, with a plethora of altar BOYS every day.You would love it here, I'm sure! 🙂

  • if you follow the link to rome of the west and scroll down the church info is on marks blog.

  • Love your labels, especially the first one! xD

  • Our small-town NC church looks like the backside of the Moose Lodge on Monday morning, but we've got an orthodox young priest who trains only altar boys and does a very nice liturgy. I wish I could say the music has caught up with the rest of it — and I can say that in total self-criticism, because today I was 1/2 of the choir — but we're working on it. No ukeleles, though. All the weekday Masses are celebrated ad orientem, and the Thursday noon Mass is the Latin Mass. We moved here last summer for my husband to take up a teaching job at a college with, uh, a motto that's the same as the name of this blog, and honestly, we didn't expect to find anything like our parish in the town we chose to settle in. We're blessed and spoiled.

  • Anonymous

    It is St Francis de Sales oratory in Saint Louis MO.