what can you get for $33,658.04 …

what can you get for $33,658.04 … August 27, 2009

… a four degree at a private college, a Lexus Es 350, or fly back and forth to Malta thirty three times… or you could just spend five days in the hospital and have routine heart surgery.


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  • Kat


  • Actually, for heart surgery that seems fairly reasonable–painful, but reasonable. That being said, I am sending some help via the paypal button and encourage other Cannonball addicts to do the same.

  • So do surgeons get paid by the hour? Are their scalpels made of conflict diamonds? How do they arrive at that price? Oh, I remember — it's because they know your life is in their hands, so they'll do whatever they want. Personally, I think that price tag would stop my heart from beating altogether.

  • JuJuB

    Sorry to hear that. I know that the money part sucks but at least they did a good job (I hope). I can relate my pregnancy was a high risk and when all was said and done it was over 60,000. Ouch! I keep you in my prayers.

  • You got drugd though didn't you?Fr. Erik is a saint. I can only afford to send prayers.

  • Yep.

  • Thanks to God we live in a world where we can have our ailments taken care of.The other day I went in and wound up having blood tests and monitoring done on me that fine tooth combed through my whole body… if I was in some other country, I might have died.In the city in which I live, the Heart Institute realizes how the costs are high. Patients have told me they were charged only what the insurance would pay. God bless those kind doctors.I am happy for you that you recieved good care. May God continue to grant you His graces.Let us all pray for one another, especially for the good Padre.Dear Padre; where can we send you some stipends?With the assurance of my daily prayers for all your good work in the vineyard of the Divine Master, I remain yours truly in Jesus and Mary Immaculate.*

  • Ah, but you are worth more than all the others combined!

  • Nan

    Well, with the heart surgery you can live long enough to get your year at the private college (because that's all you're gonna get for less than $35k) so you can go into debt for the remaining years of college to hopefully get a job that will support payment of those fabulous student loans, so you can buy the used Lexus and go to Malta once.

  • I too was surpised to say you could get 4 years at a private college for that amount. Thr private college my daughter attends costs about $50,000 a year for tuition, room, and board. And about half the people who go there have parents who pay the full price! Being in a financial position to pay that much is quite beyond my comprehension. But next year, when I only have one in college, I am going to have to come up with ie borrow, half that much. It is unclear to me if I will ever be able to retire or if I will pay off my school loans and the loans for my children, before I die!Didn't you have some type of medical insurance through your job? I remember you were hoping to get your son put on it at one point. No? Or is this the amount after what the insurance paid? You might try calling the hospital and seeing if you can negotiate a lower payment. The insurance companies do. Often the insurance companies pay $10,000 but a private person is charged 3 or 4 times that much. Doesn't hurt to ask…and ask fairly firmly. Knowing the insurance company rate for that surgery would help in your negotiations. I have heard that this works sometimes. Glad that you were able to recieve the care and are doing well now. A bill is just a number on a piece of paper. Can't get blood out of a stone. That's what I used to tell the hospital billing department when they called me about the bills for my first 3 kids. I eventually paid them off. (Then I had the rest at home, with a doctor who took whatever insurance I had as full payment, or courtesyed his bill if I had none. My cost was $75 for the RhoGam shot.) I did get a pay pal account but have never put any money in it or used it. If I could figure out how to do all that, I would contribute a small amount. I bet others will also. Good LuckSusan