oh, I am in for some trouble…

oh, I am in for some trouble… September 17, 2009

… conversations with The Boy.

You know how you can ask a kid how their day was and the reply is always the same, “fine”. Better yet, ask what did you do today and what did you learn… “nothing”.

So I try to ask open ended question at the dinner table to spark conversation with my son. I will ask what part of his day was the most fun, who is the funniest kid in the class, the fastest runner… you get the idea. Here is a snippet of tonight’s topic of discussion with a six year old… insightful young lad that is.

Me: who do you like to sit beside at lunch?

The Boy: Katie. She’s my favorite so far.

Me: Is she nice? Do you think she’s pretty? Do you looooooove her?

The Boy: *rolling eyes, then smirking* Yes, the girls in my class are very pretty and I loooooove them all.

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  • You've got your work cut out for you alright, but we found the following recipe super simple, delightful and effective:A. Annihilate the competion- Throw out the TV, etc. In other words, keep the bad stuff out. Within your own home you can create whatever culture you wish.B. Bring the good stuff in. For example, read through the entire Chronicle of Narnia series about once every three years starting now till he leaves home, with the Swiss family Robinson and other good lit in between. Read from the lives of the saints every night- not the three page version, or the fifty page version, but good long biographies. Do a bit of catechism.Wth all of that and in the midst of all that there is plenty to talk about.C. Soak him in prayer. At a minimum a rosary a day, day after day. Even with a full load of teaching, two hours of commuting and all the housework, my wife got in a rosary a day each for the four of us. You can soak your son in prayer when driving or when walking from one end of the corridor to the other.There is nothing to fear from "the culture" or all the pretty girls of his future. If you do ALL, God will do ALL. If not, not.In other words, if you do all in your power, God will come to your aid in all those times and situations when your son is out of your view literally and figuratively."Be not afraid"

  • boys will be boys…lol.

  • Interesting reply :)He's certainly been taught well! We must love everyone 😉

  • Our 6 year old boy homeschooled boy talks about anything from NASA, to friends, to boogers. The 3 year old boy talks about whatever the 6 year old talks about….just not as coherently.The 1 year old boy just drools and makes a mess with his finger food.My poor wife…..surrounded by men.