PUPPETS… September 18, 2009

… who in the flying hell decided “Hey, I know what makes a great teaching tool… Jesus puppets! Yeah, that’s it”.

I must have missed the memo about puppets, Sacrosanctum Absurdiam. Everything that comes from the Spirit of Vat II is in there… at least that is what Fr. Sticha informs me.

Not only am I going to be home schooling the The Boy on matters of faith, in lieu of my church’s formation program… I am will not be using the books they provided. No offense to those who use the Sadlier We Believe program, but I am going with the Faith and Life and St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism series instead.

Of course I have no objection to puppets, paper bag apostle craft projects and songs sung to the tune of London Bridge. I am not claiming these activities are inherently evil and soul corrupting, they are just more suited for bible camp, not as a sole source for teaching the tenets of faith.


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