you are know free to be offended…

you are know free to be offended… May 13, 2010

… I normally steer clear away from news stories, leave that for others. I have my blood pressure to watch you know. But this whole thing about “being offended” is, well, offending the hell out of me. Where does it say in our constitution “I have the right to not be offended”? It doesn’t. That’s because there is nothing you can do to avoid offensive topics or people. I am offended many times through out my day… your Axe Body Spray offends me, the Gather Hymnal in my church offends me, the inane repetitive barrage of questions I am forced to endure on any given day at work offends me. And the fact that some idiotic teacher in California finds our nation’s flag offensive offends me. What can ya do?

People have such an over inflated sense of self importance that they think theirs is the only opinion that matters now. You don’t have a right not to be offended but you do have the responsibility of getting some good coping skills and learning to utilize them.

For the love of all that is holy, pray for the stupidity that abounds!

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  • Taryn Hathaway for President!

  • Actually, Gov Christy from NJ should run for POTUS. Did you see his rebuttal to the news guy who wondered if someone might be offended by the gov's tone?? Made me shout "AMEN" from my cubicle!

  • Our flag, offensive??? While Barack Saddam Hussein Obama Bin Laden is ok??? SICK SICK SICK!BMP