it’s called the BOY Scouts…

it’s called the BOY Scouts… February 27, 2011

… or why I won’t be a den leader.

Our little Scout pack is finally starting to take off and we are getting new boys at every meeting. Some of the father’s who are den leaders now are moving up with their sons when they cross over to Boy Scouts next year. That leaves a few dens without leaders for next year. On several occasions I have been asked to fill in one of these spots. Each time I decline for the same reason… it’s the BOY Scouts.

I finally had to explain… my son is surrounded by women every day of his life. He is raised by one and all his teachers are female. His weekly scouting activities and camping trips are the only time he gets to be with boys, solely boys. How the hell is he supposed to learn to be a man surrounded by women? I can’t teach him to be a man, I am not one.

Of course when I voiced this concern another mother was quick to go on the defensive. I told her if she volunteered for my son’s den next year we would find another pack. I feel like Scouts is his only sanctuary where he can revel in his boyness.

It’s like that quote from Fight Club, “We’re a generation of men raised by women. I’m wondering if another woman is really the answer we need.”


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