Beware of the celebrity priesthood…

Beware of the celebrity priesthood… September 28, 2011

… “The principal tasks of a priest are to say Mass and hear confessions. The Cure d’Ars was famous because he was a great confessor. Padre Pio was famous because he received the stigmata and was a great confessor. Twenty-first century priests become famous merely if they are seen on television often enough. I can’t think of any living priest, save Benedict XVI, who is famous for the great care he takes in saying Mass or hearing confessions.” -Dorothy Cummings

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  • Anonymous

    And a Christian is to Love God and his neighbor,the greatest commandment.Fr.Pavone has a passion and love for God and neighbor,which is very rare today.

  • Since the recent news with Fr. Pavone, I have added to my list of prayers those priests who because of their work end up in the spotlight. They carry out their ministry in a dangerous arena where it is easy to fall prey to the ego.

  • A dear friend of mine was devastated at the recent events surrounding Fr. Corapi as she said she truly felt that he was a modern-day prophet. Regardless of one's point of view on Fr. Corapi, I think this is a dangerous way of thinking. Did not the Church declare that the Forerunner & Baptist, St. John, was the last true prophet?? I think there is a big difference between saying that someone says something prophetic, & saying that someone is a prophet.

  • My pastor could easily be a celebrity priest. He has the same qualifications as Fr. John Corapi in that he has an interesting (but not sinful) past and he could preach the cassock off of him to boot! But, my parish pastor doesn't need to be a celebrity, because he's a great priest. Something to remember.I respect Fr. Pavone, but I only ever heard him when he was a guest on Catholic Answers Live. I was sad because his organization needs support, not detraction.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Mother Thresa should not have listened when God called a second time to a vocation serving the poor. She was already a nun and doing nuns work in teaching and prayer. Why should anyone question Father Pavone when he said he was called to form PFL and fight abortion? Do you suppose God might be slightly offended by 4000 babies a day be slaughtered and saw in Father Pavone a bull dog who would fight for life with everything he had to give? Bring on Bishop Zurek who must have felt a call to see how he could get some of the money Father Frank was bringing into PFL into his diocese to solve his problem…Why just trash Father with questions about his ability to control funds properly sending out a letter showing your authority to bring him home and Whala, instant cash…But he forgot Father was a bulldog on his vocation from God to save lives…greta

  • I nominate Fr. George Rutler at Our Saviour in NYC to this elite club of humble-yet-well-known priests known for saying mass and hearing confessions.