it’s a mystery to me…

it’s a mystery to me… September 28, 2011

… It’s hard to fathom that I’ve been plunking away at this blog since fall of 2006. With the exception of my son, this blog is the only thing that I have devoted this much time to consistently, and with any measure of success. I’ve never had a pet this long. They all run away. I’ve never even kept a plant alive and thriving more than 4 months. The very fact that this blog is still in existence is a minor miracle.

After six years of being on blogger I am thrilled to announce that this blog will be moving over and joining Patheos and I will also have a regular featured column, called ‘More Than Mortal Beauty‘.

Admittedly, the idea was a bit scary. I’m terribly attached to this blog and it’s format. Who doesn’t hate change? In fact, I’m still a little nervous. How will The Crescat look over there? And my archives, my precious archives. What about the quirky side bar? It’s unnerving to have those things thrust into the hands of someone else, even a very competent IT someone else. But everyone has to grow up and mature some time, right? And it looks like I will be in good company.

The move should be made by the end of this week. The IT fairies are working diligently to transfer archives over and redirect this link to the new Patheos site. When all is complete I will post the url so you can continue to follow my shenanigans. I do hope you will continue to visit me over there. I appreciate all my readers and their contributions and I want to thank you all for being with me over the years and experiencing this journey in the making.

God bless to you all.

It’s not really the end, just a new beginning.

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  • But, I don't even know what or who or where Patheos is?!!

  • Whoa! Congratulations and I will look forward to reading you there.

  • Anonymous

    Beware of the celebrity bloggerhood:-)

  • Will your old URL redirect us to your new blog? If not, how do we get there? — Rosemary

  • Rob

    So long Crescat——Hello Crescat!

  • Lee Gilbert

    I know I don't get a vote, and maybe you don't either for that matter, but imho as a blog title "The Crescat" is a thousand times better than "More Than Moral Beauty." It's short, pithy, mysterious, known, memorable. It's your brand, fwiw. "More than Moral Beauty" requires too much thinking- every time. I'd follow you on "The Crescat." For one thing I'll be able to find it, but "More Than Moral Beauty" is going to get lost among the many other abstractions in my cranium.

  • Johnny Domer


  • Congratulations! Don't forget us little folks when you get (even more) famous. 😉

  • Lee, my blog will still be called The Crescat. It's the same blog, same humor, same me… all that's different is the domain host. Oh, and I will be getting paid to blog. More Than Mortal Beauty is a bi-monthly feature column I will write for Patheos, in addition to regular blogging.

  • That is exciting! You are going pro! Congrats!

  • Told ya. Congratulations! you're officially respectable now! Well – you always were! best wishes!

  • I'm getting nostaglic for the sidebar already. Dang, I may have to do a screenshot!Congrats again, this is great news!

  • Congrats you deserve all the accolades. I am an excited follower of your blog. Don't fear the change. You will be successful. You are too cool to fail. The kingdom needs your shenanigans. Good Luck!(and if you have time check out my blog "The Marco Minute" Just Google the title and it should lead you to my blog.)

  • "Paid to blog"? You mean … that actually happens? O brave new world! Look forward to reading you there.PS Verification words "essenes" — hmm …

  • Bye, have a nice time playing with the snooty neocons.

  • Anonymous

    Hilary -I'm sure she can still play with the snooty Trads, too.

  • Jon

    Kat,I looked at the web site. Do you get a COEXIST bumper sticker for signing up?I hate to see you selling your birthright for a mess of pottage. Sniff!

  • The content will be the same. I will be authoring all the posts. Again, nothing will change other than a link… and hopefully, a wider readership. Which is really what anyone who blogs about the faith desires to do. Preach Catholicism. If blogging from Patheos exposes more people to Catholicism, who otherwise would not be exposed to it, that is a good thing. It is also a wonderful opportunity to branch out and, if the Lord deems it so, start writing for strictly Catholic sites. As my writing and content improve, hopefully the paid writing gigs will be more plentiful. I am sorry so many of you feel so negatively about such a positive opportunity for me. Noe-cons, snotty trads… what the hell ever. It's all still part of the One, Holy, and Apostolic Church.

  • Congratulations and good for you!!! All the best in your new endeavor! I know that you will be wonderful, as you always are.

  • Congratulations and good luck!

  • Kay

    Seriously, have they told you that you can't say "batshit crazy"?All the best.

  • Anonymous

    There's little point in just continuing preaching to the choir. I am very glad you'll be at Patheos. Let's trust this new work to the Holy Spirit – you've got a bright future over there. May God bless you and always be your inspiration!!NY Mom

  • Kay made me laugh! As did you, my dear, for your comments about plants, pets, kids, and blogs.Godspeed! Keep us along for the ride.

  • Anonymous

    Patheos is a shithole. They deserve you, and you they. Marriage made in hell…

  • I wasn't going to publish the above comment, but I thought every one deserved to see the pissy little display of cowardice. Why should I have all the fun. My readers deserve a good laugh too.

  • K

    Congrats! I hope they're paying you … you deserve it. God Bless!

  • Bravo!I am so happy for you!And I'm happy for me since you will only be moving to a new url.God Bless you and the Boy.

  • Girl, you better not freak out and start posting some kind of "Deep Thoughts by The Crescat" dreck!I strolled over and read your profile and thought:ok, still sounds like The Kat!Congratulations on the new endeavor!

  • Mike Gomez

    Congrats Kat! I'll follow you regardless of hosting site – how could this be a bad thing? More readers, pay, same ol Crescat? We'll be fine!

  • I am most chuffed for you. Congrats 😀

  • Congratulations, Kat! What a great opportunity – couldn't have happened to a…Crescat-y-er person. Looking forward to seeing you in your new digs.