I can’t keep a secret worth a damn…

I can’t keep a secret worth a damn… September 23, 2011

… you’ve probably noticed a decline in the frequency of blog posts lately. I’ll let you in on a little secret. The Crescat will be moving soon. The big official announcement will be made the end of next week. Until then I will let you speculate where I’ll end up.

So what does that means for you? It means no more fanciful phrases like “bat shit crazy”. It means proper grammar and proof reading. Other than that, it will be the same blog, with the same name, and the same humor.

So that’s where all the posts have gone. I will continue to post here but the juicy stuff, that I’m saving for my new home.

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  • Damnit, can't you express yourself without the goddam profanity!?Btw, "Elements of F*ing Style" IS about grammar I hope?LOL

  • KatDidn't you just move?Musical houses.I hope you settle soon.St Anns will miss you.

  • The blog is moving.

  • Im a retard.

  • I knew it!

  • Just sneak the bat shit crazy comments in via abbreviations. BSC, etc.

  • Hilary

    Oh don't go to that stupid thing. Only snobs and neo-cons post there.

  • HJW

    They'll make you become boring. And don't say in a year that I didn't warn you.

  • hjw

    Well, don't expect me to come over and visit you there. They don't let plebes like me into their low-rent country club. They're all terrified that the Important People might see.

  • ruise, you're not a retard. You just reminded me to write more specifically and stop assuming others know my meaning. Thanks. HJW, I will miss you commenting. It's not really that bad to comment over there. You don't have to register, just sign in once like a wordpress blog. I hope you reconsider. And obviously they have slipping standards, they invited me after all.

  • Where is Cat going ?

  • I hope you aren't going to beliefnet.

  • Aw, but won't all your fun pictures of the pope and nuns and stuff on the side disappear over there? It would be very sad if you became respectable! :-)Besides, my computer can never remember the URLS of anybody over there. Or at least _I_ can never remember them. Sometimes my computer can.

  • wow! too cool!

  • I'm not sure where you are going, but it sounds like a great opportunity, so congratulations!Also, I propose your last post here be a secret lexicon of abbreviations that only those who Knew You When have access to, with BSC being at the top.

  • Until then I will let you speculate where I'll end up. Beverly Hills?

  • So, you will be like Prince once he converted to Seventh Day Adventism (or was it JW?) and his music henceforth sucked? I think I'll have to start a "Liberate The Crescat" campaign!

  • The Register?

  • ha ha… you found that all wordpress link I set up back in 2007 when I was thinking of giving up blogger to host my blog. As you can see nothing came of that.

  • Jon

    Arrgh! Beliefnet?You mean with home school mommies and bunnies and Marty Haugen?Blecch!

  • Crescat ~When I was in Law Enf skills, one day during PT (Physical Training) one of our hard-nosed instructors found it necessary to mention something important:He told us of a guy he (the instructor) had smarted off to in the weight room after classes, and the guy had returned fire, so to speak, but with a certain amount of profanity. That same student approached this Instructor the following morning and apologized, saying that he had been "outta line" especially given his language and tone. That Instructor recounted the colorful exchange to us and revealed that in fact, the student had NOT been out of line given the context of the particular dialogue, and said that they, as Instructors, were looking not only for academics, but how we all react in other ways as well.He finished his brief lecture on behavior with, "So if you all wanna cuss at us, well..I'll tell you this: we are NOT going to put up with all that damn horseshit."! LOL! Cres..you remind me of that Instructor! You could be his daughter! Anyway..is it Patheos or Beliefnet? In any case, GOODONYA MATE! Without "batshit crazy" though, I'm not sure you'll be taken seriously. I mean..that's your trademark phrase. I'm not sayin' but I'm just sayin', ya know?

  • Kat, my other comment got deleted(…of course only joking about Skynet) but I am really excited for you. Can't wait to find out where you are off to.