fine art Friday…

fine art Friday… September 9, 2011

… just kidding. Have some shitty art instead.

I see what the artist is trying to say here. Christ is the central figure. He is larger in scale and dominates the scene as if to say, I am bigger than your grief. The deep red hue of Santa Claus’s garments represents the color of martyrdom. It’s striking and bold. Clearly the artist struggled with father abandonment issues, and has placed themselves as Santa longing to be comforted. The pain of loss is intense in both subject’s face. It is a tender and moving piece, bravely tackling the tender subject of the 9/11 tragedies… but not in an opportunistic way at all. Nope. Not at all.

I also imagine myself biting on the end of my reading glasses and nodding knowingly as I type this… just like they showed me in art school.

Best. Degree. Ever.

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  • OMG, I WANT THAT!!!!

  • My inner art snob says it needs more value change to make up for the lack of depth… This is so hysterical! Thank you for sharing. Where did you find it?

  • That is one of the worst paintings I have ever seen. I think I would own a Thomas Kincade before getting that one.

  • Michael Demers

    This sells for $50? Yikes!

  • At first, I thought it was an elf head laying beside the memorial. Then I realized it was Santa's hat. It'd mean more if it was an elf head, I think. Is that sick? I mean, it would say that even Santa lost loved elves in the terror attacks.

  • $50???! For that?!?!? WTH?

  • how on God's good earth do yu combine santa, jesus and 9/11 in the same picture. freaking awesome

  • $50.00??!!

  • The artist doesn't know that the St. Nicholas that the ground zero church was named for is NOT Santa Claus.

  • I actually think that work is better than the 900 million dollar memorial located at 'ground-zero'. What little I saw of that this week on tv was overwhelming in it's nihilism. I like Santa's tears. I like the Angel and I really like Jesus. Even if it is less than 'good' art.And now I'm going to google to see if I can get a copy…

  • Ars Orandi has a potential contestant up today.

  • Since 9-11 is connected with September, how does Santa Claus even come into it at all? I'm so confused…

  • Could you imagine being a womyn's (it hurt me to type that) stydyes and art history double major and viewing this? I won't even venture to add psychology. That would be too horrible.Is it me or does a crying Santa just kinda melt one's heart or am I just one giant mush pile of saccharine?As usual, your posts inform and entertain me! 🙂

  • The artist doesn't know that the St. Nicholas that the ground zero church was named for is NOT Santa Claus.It isn't? I mean I understand the point about the fact that Santa Claus is a commercialization, but the church is named after St. Nicholas of Myra.