third class relics…

third class relics… October 18, 2011

… I was explaining relics to The Boy last night and we started talking about third class relics. He was particularly fascinated by the fact that you can make an object a third class relic by touching it to another relic.

Apply this new found wisdom to the logic of an imaginative eight year old boy and you have LIGHTSABER RELIC [not available in stores]. He was also disappointed to learn that trying to make your own hand a third class relic will not gift you with the power of the Force Choke.

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  • MDK

    ::click:: hifreakinlarious

    • RichR

      If the choke thing doesn’t work out, there’s always the Vulcan Neck Bench. It just takes some practice, that’s all.

  • Dr. Eric

    Hifreakinlarious, indeed.

  • Now to discuss living relics like Gianna Molla’s daughter…..

  • Dan

    I have read that any sacramental qualities 3rd class relics have are canceled out by the Buddhist influences of the “Force”