all this talk about what ladies should wear, how about we address the fashion faux pas committed by modern males everywhere – the forty year old frat boy attire…

all this talk about what ladies should wear, how about we address the fashion faux pas committed by modern males everywhere – the forty year old frat boy attire… December 24, 2011

Judging from various comments received here and articles circulating the internet, it would seem gentlemen too have quite a bit to say on the topic of ladies fashion, what they prefer and what they consider appropriate. Pat Archbold writes an interesting piece about the loss of “pretty” and “innocence” in favor of “hot” and “trampy”. It’s a great piece; pop over and check it out. While I am not debating his thoughts on the matter, thoughts that I totally agree with, I want to expand on them concerning men’s attire.

Men, see the above image of Will Ferrell, member of Hollywood’s Frat Pack? While we may chuckle at his antics and make “cow bell” references that doesn’t mean we’d marry him or even want to date him.

True story; I once had dinner with a 42 year old man who showed up for our date in ripped jeans, flip flops and a stained Weezer T-Shirt. And no, we were not going to a Weezer concert later. I’m not sure what compelled this grown man of 42, who would be dining with a 35 year old woman, to think it was appropriate or impressive to dress like a 20 year old kid for our date. All throughout the meal I couldn’t help thinking that this was a not a man to be taken seriously. I never returned his calls. I am looking for a spouse. A man. Not an developmentally arrested man-boy who advertises the part by his attire.

So while it may seem like I give ladies a hard time about their attire, equally the same can be said for men. I would love to see the revival of suits, polished shoes, and hats… I’d even settle for a clean collared shirt and tie in most instances. And why do some men manscape their eyebrows yet leave the hair on top of their heads a complete unruly mess?

Men and women both have gotten away from dressing for the occasion. Everything is casual, too casual. Are there any men out there willing to join me and give up jeans, sneakers, and wrinkled t-shirts for 30 days? Here, I can even make some recommendations to illustrate the point.

So what do you say, Gents? A little less Ferrell and more of the above?

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  • Snupnhomer

    Would join you in your pledge but all I own are t-shirts, jeans and sneakers….

  • Timothy Canny

    Any man who is above college age and considers a t-shirt proper attire for anything other than manual labor or physical fitness activities needs to grow up.

  • Lynn

    A man in a crisply ironed shirt is a beautiful creature.

  • robertgwirth

    I have no idea what’s inside a woman’s soul; but speaking for myself and some of the guys I know, we are two men at once: the man who appreciates virtue, and the man who craves vice despite himself. I suspect too that men are more “visual” than women, in that a scantily-clad or tightly-clad woman can be very distracting to a guy even when he doesn’t want her to be. The male libido is more easily aroused.

    (Heck of a thing to be talking about on Christmas eve! So let’s not forget St. Joseph!)

    In 1978 I wrote a piece, for a prolife organization, titled “The Sorry Aftermath of the Sexual Revolution” in which I opined that girls have no idea how provocative dress affects men. And even as early as 1962 the guys I hung around with agreed that “if a girl puts the goods in the showcase, she wants them to be looked at, or at least doesn’t mind it.”

    I agree wholeheartedly that both men and women need to pay more attention to dressing like gentlemen and ladies; that said, I think women should lead and insist the men follow.

  • thule222

    Men dress for men, and undress for women.

  • Living in Alaska, if I wore any of that… I’d be shot. Or mauled by wolves.
    Well, I might be mauled by wolves regardless of what I wear.

    That being said, I agree with you Kat. Men dress like boys, act like boys, and talk like boys. They say clothes make the man, but I think that a man wears clothes to let others know what to make of him.

    While I may not look like those pics (anymore…maybe in law school)… when you see me I am appropriately dressed. That may mean camo-cargos, boots, gloves, and a rifle that would knock you on your bottom, but it is appropriate. Isn’t that what you are really saying? That men should dress to what they are doing? St. Thomas Aquinas wrote about this.

  • Lynn

    What kills me are people, both male and female, who insist that clothes are just a covering and it is uncharitable to make any assumptions about a person based on what they wear. Don’t judge a book by its cover!!! they say. I’m not going to judge the state of your soul based on what you’re wearing, but you can bet I’ll make inferences about whether you’re someone I’d be interested in spending much time with!

  • tj.nelson

    We are cute though – no matter what we wear.

  • doughboy

    if i had the money and the measurements to wear what you have pictured, i would. it’s difficult to find stylish gentlemanly clothing when you are XXXL and built like a linebacker. most fat-men stores don’t carry that stylish of clothes. that said, as i’ve been working to lose weight, i *have* found a place online (none of the stores are near where i live in flyover land) with a few numbers i’ve been able to squeeze in to. men, splurge a little and go to twill and wool and boots and coats fit for a relaxed country gent.

  • Nice duds except for the high water pants. What’s up with that? My husband never wears jeans. He works in a physical job and wears khakis and polo shirts most of the time. He does have a few t shirts. He mostly wears them around the house or to sleep in. He wears suits and ties when doing business, as well. There really is something enticing about a man in a well cut suit!

  • Seraphic

    Oooh la la! Perhaps it is time for Spiffy Suit Saturdays?

  • Jeanne Chabot

    I LOVE IT when a man dresses up. Even if it is only a really nice sweater over a pair of nice, clean, (unripped) dark jeans. I don’t mind jeans. Jeans can be very nice with a nice shirt or sweater and dressy shoes. I love Mumford and Sons’ style… often exactly like the above style. Now if I had a man who could write (and sing) songs like that, and then dress like that on top of it… (sighs)

  • dymphna

    stained Weezer t-shirt—- I laughed until it hurt and my puzzled mother kept asking what was wrong with me.

  • I love to see a well dressed man, I am so very sick of the sloppy look that’s over taken so many in this country, and don’t even get me started on the slutiness being displayed by both sexes! When I see grown men(and sadly women too) “busting a sag”, ie the “pants on the ground” thing, a huge turn off, in fact I’m embarassed for their mothers, where ever they are. I don’t care if they’re white, purple, black, red or green, that look is so very ghetto and is not the way to advance yourself.
    My Pop-pop(God rest him)he “dressed” ever single day, slacks(never, ever jeans) a button down shirt, tie, vest or sweater, and for more formal occasions(church, supper in a nice resturant, etc), a sports coat, or suit jacket. He was always well groomed, and smelled of “British Sterling” aftershave, and a freshly opened tin of “Charter Hall” tabacco, which was what he smoked in his pipe. I have all his cuff links, and most of his tie clips, still in his dresser box, in my room. Kat, thanks, you post today took me on this trip down memory lane. Now I’ve got to get moving, after Christmas sales are calling me, maybe I’ll find some bargins to help me dress in a more snappy manner.

  • deaconbill

    My father taught me to dress for those you respect. Not dressing well, poor grooming is a sign that one has no respect, either for himself or others.

  • JaneC

    I wish I could get my husband to dress like that. I have to work pretty hard to convince him to wear a tie every Sunday–and he’s the parish organist! Even then he will not usually wear a long-sleeved dress shirt, because it gets quite warm in the choir loft and his medication makes him very sensitive to warmer temperatures (he starts to sweat when it’s about 75F).

    Still, even when he wears a t-shirt and jeans, he does at least tuck the shirt in and wear a belt, and everything fits properly and nothing is dirty or stained or torn. One can dress casually and still be tidy.

  • catrye

    Sorry, but as a girl I find those vests to be glaringly hideous and unsubtle, and the boys’ faces simpy.

  • Mammabonita

    Was happily amazed to see a young-ish gentleman (mid 20s) in front of me at Midnight Mass wearing actual cuff links!

  • robertgwirth
  • John

    Totally agree Madam Crescat. The style you linked to is a bit, um, young-brit-mod for me as a 41 year old man but I take your larger point.

    Get thee to Brooks Brothers!

  • Anonymous

    I like neatness in both sexes, but I will give up jeans – well never. Mine are neat though. They are dark, no holes and not frayed. I have on Merrill walking shoes since I have to have foot support. I am wearing a nice sweater and am about to go to daily Mass.

    I do dress up more for Sunday Mass though.

  • Joel

    I might, but I can’t afford it.

  • Ad Orientem

    I enthusiastically agree with this post and most of the comments. There is a world of difference between a boy, a man and a gentleman. And the easiest way to discern which one we are talking about is to note the manner of dress. One of my favorite satires on this subject may also appeal to you.

  • Escapeartist69

    You gotta have money to dress well. Would love to, but can’t afford it.

  • Suzanne Rutherford

    In these uncertain times, my husband found it exceedingly difficult to find a job in the legal profession.  He secured employment this past summer, and has been incredibly blessed.  I must admit that my husband’s Christmas presents this year circulated around this book:  and included a visit to our local Brooks Brothers to purchase a new suit and dress shirts.  There was also a visit to the Cole Haan sample sale, where he was directed to purchase a lovely pair of oxfords, as well as shoe polish.  We unceremoniously donated his jeans and worn driving moccasins to goodwill the next day.  Three cheers for proper men’s haberdashery!