Oh, masculinity, I weep for your demise…

Oh, masculinity, I weep for your demise… January 23, 2014

… Let me be perfectly clear; leggings are not mother flipping pants. Everybody needs to just stop. Now. They are not pants. They have never been nor will they ever be pants. Not pants. Not pants. No pantalones.

Because this is what happens when allow leggings to be worn as pants…

You have just had your eyes assaulted by something called meggings. What kind of man buys these things? Does he have some raiding to do in the forests of Nottingham or is he just looking for that comfortable, yet stylish, pair of pants to predominantly showcases his man junk?

Men, please come back. Don’t tread any further into the androgynous abyss. Leave the man tights for superheroes and this guy…

Shatner is not impressed with your tights.

In case you need some help, let me suggest how a man is supposed to dress. And that would be like a man, not a woman strutting back from a hot yoga class.

Mother of God. I don’t hate you all. Here’s a visual palate cleanser to man up the joint, because I’m a giver.

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