defining boys and the fallacy of “gender equality”…

defining boys and the fallacy of “gender equality”… December 9, 2011

… The sociology, not to mention the politics, behind “gender equality” can be an incredibly complex subject matter. In fact, there are entire courses devoted to it’s study in college. You can even get on of those oh-so-useful degrees in Gender Studies then Occupy something in protest of being unemployable due to your own poor academic choices.

Now imagine taking this subject and trying to teach it to children, say eight years old like my son. Of course, due to it’s complexities, ‘gender equality’ is treated in the simplest sense for the sake of young minds.

Gender Equality taught to third graders: “Boys and girls are equal. One is not better than the other. Both boys and girls can grow up to be whatever they want to be. Now everyone play nice.”

Naturally, this begs the question; then what specifically defines “boy” and “girl” if they are one and the same? Why anatomy of course! Boys have willies and girls do not. Duh!

So now being male is simply defined as having a penis. Makes sense, I mean after all we’re expected to call men who cut theirs off women. By this thinking that would be an accurate assessment… a penis-less male is a woman.

As a mother of a boy, and lover of men, I find this highly insulting. Men are not singularly defined by their anatomical organs. If the subject were approached from a medical or biological perspective, teaching children the distinct physiological differences of the gender male and female then fine. But sociologically speaking, to teach that the only difference between boys and girls is what between their legs is completely irresponsible.

The irony of this is that feminists tend to object to men who, in their words – not mine, are ruled by their penises or follow where ever their dicks lead them. Well, if having a dick is all there is to a man than naturally men are going to make the most of their one defining characteristic.

Equally ironic is the effect this has on young girls, who too feel that the only way to be distinguished from a boy is a through their genitalia. This leads to gross over-sexualization in attempts to “define themselves”.

How about we do away with “gender equality” for children and focus on human dignity instead. There’s a thought.

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