la mujer come arroz y el perro no es nadar…

la mujer come arroz y el perro no es nadar… December 12, 2011

… I decided to take advantage of the significant discount offered by Rosetta Stone and purchase myself an early Christmas present. So you will now be subjected to my critique of the Rosetta Stone product and various incoherent posts published in mutilated Spanglish. Amigos queridos, please forgive me while I butcher learn your language.

Originally I wanted to learn Italian in preparation of the day when Paolo Giovanni and I run off and live happily ever after in our terra cotta colored villa off the sun bleached Almalfi Coast to spend our days sipping prosecco and living la dolce vita. Alas, I’ve put Paolo on hold for now. Alejandro is proving far more seductive.

Realistically though, becoming bi-lingual in Spanish will be more practical. I will use it everyday, as opposed to Italian. My goal is to have my son & I be able to converse fluently with my dad and Abuela. And really, it’s quite pathetic to be Puerto Rican and not known the language.

So I’m half way through Disc 1 of the Rosetta Course and I’ve learned the difference between gato and perro and that one likes to corre and the other nada. I hope it’s get a bit more challenging because I think my relationship with Alejandro will get dull quick if all we talk about is come arroz and bebe aqua.

Unlock your inner flamenco dancer by learning a foreign language. Not only is it fun but exotic men will flock to you. *Not an actual Rosetta Stone guarantee.*

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  • Cory

    (Pronounced with Peggy Hill diction): Hola senor! Necessito una cervesa grande, inmediatamente! Tienes una cervesa para me, senor? Da me, inmediatamente!

    • Dr. Eric

      You should get all the Dora the Explorer episodes on Netflix.

  • Kat, can you comment, when you’ve gone through the course, on whether or not Rosetta teaches verb conjugation. I’ve heard that it doesn’t really, and that’s why I’ve held off on buying it.

    • Not at first it doesn’t but so far I’m only almost done with Disc 1 and it is slowly easing into that more difficult sentence structure. I imagine by the next Disc it will get more into conjugation. But, yes, it’s there.

  • I totally think they should put that guarantee on their packages. I have Rosetta Italian and I love it. If it were not a small investment for each language, I would get Latin and Polish too.

    Good Luck.

    And they do get more interesting as time goes on. You and Alejandro will be having interesting conversations soon. 🙂

  • robertgwirth

    No hablo español, but je parle français und ich spreche ein bißchen Deutsch. 😉

  • Mario

    Ánimo!!! El español no es dificil y los hispanos somos gente muy divertida. Y es bonito ser fiel a tus ancestros.

    • Let’s see… you said “Spanish is not difficult and Hispanics are very diverse. It’s good to be true to your ancestors.” How was my translation?

      • Lirioroja

        Close, very close. In the first sentence he said, “Spanish is not difficult and Hispanics are very fun.” Divertido(a) means fun or amusing. The word for diverse is diverso.

  • My bilingual dad did not want his kids to grow up speaking Spanish because it was such a disadvantage to be Spanish-speaking or to have an accent when he was young. Consequently my siblings and I are all English speakers, and I heartily sympathize with your feelings of being pathetic (though I am of Mexican descent rather than Puerto Rican).

    I tried to compensate by studying Spanish in high school and college. I’m still not a confident speaker, but I can read it and understand it well enough to know what other people are saying about me when I’m shopping in thrift stores.

    Let us know how you like Rosetta Stone. I’ll be rooting for you.


    • It’s different now. My Abuela was the same with her kids therefore my dad and his siblings did not speak Spanish outside the house and each married anglo. Now being bi-lingual in Spanish makes you more in demand in the work place and I deal with a lot of Hispanics @ both my jobs – real estate and nursing. Plus, I have a large circle of Puerto Rican friends.

  • James Foerster

    I picked up the Tell Me More series which had higher ratings than Rosetta Stone. Have not gotten very far. I get hung up, and then obsessed, with the whole rolling r issue. I can’t do it. I can fake with a uvular trill, but then feel inauthentic.


    I don’t speak english, but let me say that You don’t have to learn spanish because in the near future You and me have to learn chinese. By the way! chinese people DO really eat rice (arroz)!