seeking to normalize abortion…

seeking to normalize abortion… December 21, 2011

… I’m sure most of you are aware of the marvelous organizations Silent No More and Rachel’s Vineyard. These two agencies provide a wonderful ministry for women suffering from post-abortive trauma. They also provide counseling and a platform for women who have been hurt by abortion to speak out and let others know how spiritually and physically harmful abortion is for women.

Contrary to all the evidence stating that abortion is bad for women, there is a new website looking to normalize abortion. My Abortion My Life is seeking women who’ve had abortions to share their stories. They ask “Imagine what will happen if just a small fraction of us who have been impacted by abortion begin to break the silence!” Well, that “small fraction” has been speaking about the impact abortion had on their lives through Silent No More and Rachel’s Vineyard for quite some time now.

The site is sponsored by “a clinic” in Ohio. My guess is they are looking for validation that they are helping and not harming women or killing children by posting women’s positive experiences with abortion. The whole thing is repugnant and I caution you, the stories are disgusting.

The site claims 1 in 3 women in the US have had an abortion so, by their logic, abortion is at least statistically normal. Marc writes, “if something is normal it needs no justification… Normal things are either self-evidently normal, or they ain’t normal. Thus making an effort to change public attitude towards abortion, as the new campaign My Abortion My Life is doing, fails from the very outset. If abortion were ”a normal and necessary part of women’s reproductive lives and health”– i.e. if the creators of the website were telling the truth — there would be no need for their website.”

I quite agree with him. The fact remains that there is nothing “normal” about abortion. It’s unjustifiable murder no matter the statistics showing “everyone is doing it”. Marc also rightly points out that just because society labels something normal doesn’t make it good. I think it is a safe assumption that My Life My Abortion is only looking to advance the cause of their business, as evident being sponsored by a clinic.

If they are really interested in hearing what women are earnestly saying about abortion they would link to campaigns like Silent No More. Do you suppose they will publish stories from heart broken women who live with the pain and regret of abortion? I’m not asking for you to share your stories here, but if you feel so inclined to let them know from your own personal experience they are dead wrong – on so many levels – stop by their site and leave them a message. Maybe they will publish your comments, though it’s highly unlikely.

Also, if you are living with the pain of abortion please visit Rachel’s Vineyard.

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  • AnnF

    Jeez. I live in the east Cleveland suburbs and work downtown. I haven’t see any of these ads yet, but if I do I will be tempted to pull out my trusty Sharpie and change the tagline to “My life, my murder.” I will definitely be calling the RTA to complain, and I’ll make sure the local RTL is on the case. This is simply an ad for their “services.” Their address on Shaker Blvd. is at the bottom of the site.

  • moderncomments

    It’s all about the “me”…ever notice that…”my” “right” to an abortion, “my” “right” to sexual equality, etc. etc. Never, ever do they talk about their *responsibility* — especially, and least of all, to the unborn child they create.

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