A makeover. It needs to be razed and salted…

A makeover. It needs to be razed and salted… January 12, 2012

… Remember this thing, the monster of Stazione Termini in Rome? Well, it’s getting a ‘makeover‘. I know it’s just a makeover but at least it’s a small recognition that the thing is ugly and looks more like Mussolini than Bl. John Paul II. What ever happened to making art look like stuff, recognizable stuff, not all this lazy abstract conceptual garbage? Oh… because that would require real skill and talent.

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  • kenneth

    This tragedy could have been prevented with proper doses of risperdal and professional care!

    • that reminds me… I need to pick up my meds from the pharmacy.  

  • But JPII did not have a ginormous forehead.  Look at the size of the cranium on that thing.  Why can’t we have realistic statuary?  No Batman Pope.

  • Robwardle

    It’s really quite amazing. I could build something like that, see it finished, and destroy it because it was hideous upon completion. The “artist” gets thousands + dollars.

  • worm

    It’s difficult to believe that no one has installed a pay phone in that thing.