ninjas stealthy creep past media reporters at the annual March For Life…

ninjas stealthy creep past media reporters at the annual March For Life… January 25, 2012

… Cause that’s how we roll. Not only can we bi-locate but apparently we also have the magical powers of invisibility. Neat.

CBS reporters apparently couldn’t find a single pro-life marcher at the event to photograph. Not a single one.

I can see how this was easy to miss.

Seriously, this gross negligence from news agencies that are supposed to represent unbiased facts to the public needs to be called out and addressed – strongly. I know being held accountable is a foreign concept to the liberal left but it’s time to let CBS know we demand journalistic integrity.!/CBSNews!/CBSWashDC

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Marc Barnes writes an eloquent love letter to the New York Times asking, “What the hell is wrong with you?

It’s deplorable. Can you think of any other major public event that draws this many supporters on an annual basis that doesn’t get news coverage? No? Because there are none. CBS, WaPo, and the NY Times may be liberal rags but the fact remains that an event such as this should transcend biases due to it’s sheer magnitude. Hell, there were only about 30,000 Occupy protesters nationwide yet that received world wide coverage on a daily basis. The fact is that there were 400 thousand to half a million people protesting in Washington and they can not come to grips with the math that strongly indicates pro-abortion advocates are in the MINORITY.

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