pity be damned…

pity be damned… February 15, 2012

… God has a wicked sense of humor. I can prove it.

What’s worse than bumping into someone you once dated looking absolutely horrible – like ripped pantyhose, tea stained blouse, haven’t washed my hair in two days horrible? Why bumping into him looking that way on Valentine’s Day while he’s out with his new love, of course. Not only did she appear ten years my junior but her hair was clean too. Figures.

Even though I looked like a vagrant I could see the painful regret in his eyes as he glanced back at me longingly when we parted. At least that’s how I am going to retell that story to the grandchildren Nathan Fillion and I will have. Someday, Nathan. Someday.

Never mind the reality of the whole incident. I’ve moved on and gorged myself sick with half priced Valentine’s Day candy. Pity be damned when there’s chocolate to be eaten.


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  • robertgwirth

    Dear Kat,
    Who’s Nathan Fillion?  Seriously.  I never heard of him.
    I have to confess that I have become a chocolate snob.  Hershey’s Dark is okay when I can’t get anything else, but I’d rather have Ghriardelli or Ferraro-Rocher.  The best, in my book, is Ritter Sport, made in Germany.  I don’t know if you can get it where you live, but it’s definitely worth a try — and your money.  Just don’t let your Boy taste it, or he’ll want it all.  😉

  • Barb

    Men don’t notice the same stuff we notice.  Don’t worry about it.